CI Point of Sale software Training

To ensure that you derive the maximum payback on your new retail POS system, RetailCare has a structured program for our retail POS and management system implementation and on-going support.


This phase will require close consultation with our training staff to ensure that your expectations are clearly understood and an appropriate and achievable implementation schedule is agreed. At RetailCare, we take the hard work out of setting up a new PC before it even reaches your store by performing the following tasks.

  • Configuring BIOS and BIOS software
  • Configuring Windows and install updates and Service Packs (if required)
  • Configuring Network Card Settings, Power Settings, Security, Firewall, Users, User Account Control, Notification Area, Windows Performance, Windows Backup (if required) and Internet Explorer
  • Installing Anti-Virus Software (if required), Adobe products and updates, Java updates, PDF printer, alternative Internet browser (Fire Fox and Chrome), and Remote Access software
  • Installing Printer, Scanner and Other device drivers
  • Configuring Network Environment
  • Testing Network Adapter
  • Hard Disk Integrity Test
  • Burn-In Test
  • Installation, configuration and testing of CI POS and CI Office
  • Installation of Microsoft Office 2013
  • Configuration and testing of your barcode scanner
  • Installation, configuration and testing of you receipt printer and Zebra label printer

On-Site Installation:

RetailCare staff will visit your store and physically install your new POS system, ensuring you are ready to trade by the time we finish.

  • This includes 1 hour of remote assistance to test the system and POS hardware after your POS system has been set up
  • Also included is 1 hour of remote assistance and configuration for your PC-EFTPOS or integrated EFTPOS (if required)


A training program tailored to your individual needs will be carried out on site after the POS is installed. This training may be delivered in blocks to coincide with the different stages of implementation as they occur. Topics covered include processing sales, exchanges, refunds and lay-bys, finalizing daily sales, adding new users to the POS, generation of relevant reports and importing products.

A comprehensive user guide is also provided, along with desktop short cuts for quick tips. If you do not wish to read the user guide, CI has an in-built Help feature which can guide you through any scenario you can think of.


Once you are live with your new system, you will from time to time want to ask questions about the operation of the software. This can be done by logging a call with the RetailCare Help Desk. Your call will be logged and monitored through the RetailCare Support Log (Autotask).

On-going Training:

Retail is a dynamic industry and new people will require training and other more experienced users will want to learn more about the advanced features of Counter Intelligence. Courses are scheduled throughout the year in Melbourne, Australia. For larger users, individual courses can be tailored for your specific needs.