2012 in Review.

2012 in Review.

Retails leading thinkers
We have had some great experiences and introductions, such as meeting with Ross McDonald, Industry Leader – Retail, Media & Classifieds at Google  ; Christine Cross,  board member at Tesco and Woolworths, Doug Fraser from Facebook Analytics and many others.

RetailCare has established a great relationship with www.fashion.ebay.com.au this year and this has resulted in benefits to RetailCare customers such as probationary periods being waived and creation of best practice stores.

PwC Retail Innovation Series
RetailCare have been guests at every breakfast sessions in the innovation series this year. Thank you to Stuart Harker, head of Retail at PwC.

The Future of Retail:
RetailCare is getting  referrals from PwC for instore and online eRetailer, eWholesaler and the value add understanding that comes with the Point of Sale perspective has highlighted RetailCare in the eyes of the experts as the business to take Retailers through the 3rd and 4th generation of Retail.

The eRetailer platform and RetailCare’s ability to value add and customise to achieve the desired results has been fantastic this year. True multichannel retailing, with Forcast now trading across 35 stores with CI POS and online with eRetailer  and through eBay Fashion Gallery and Westfield  store. All controlled and managed by CI Office.
www.Roadhouse.net.au has gone live after a rebuild with a fantastic video and great look. Watch this space as these guys focus on their content marketing and the creation of an innovative marketing campaign. See the movie here.

www.mitchellswholesale.com is the first fully integrated wholesale site created by eRetailer and RetailCare. This features wholesale customer prices, contact, credit relationship and ABN confirmation. Have a look at the wholesale order grid created by RetailCare.
The next version of CI Office incorporates new email features for summaries, purchase orders and invoices directly from CI Office.

Forward Planning
Using RetailCare’s skills and expertise to help you refine and redefine your business processes will help you to address how to use your POS/Office system to streamline your business.
We have saved our customers pain and time through www.CIWebReport.com customisation. Whilst the real time sales info was cool, it has gone even further with custom inventory and sales reporting built into the marketing tools.
As online retail shifts from a simple cash register online to an integrated supply chain and invoicing system, the RetailCare perspective becomes more relevant than ever. Currently producing eCommerce that sits at 3.5. We are now working on evolving towards 4th generation. This means that the role of the customer has shifted from being the target to being central in the sales process. Social Media and Big Data enable significant intelligence and targeting while the 3rd generation is focused on lower the cost of fulfillment.

Customer Engagement Sessions
For 2013 we will continue our monthly forums. In 2012 we hosted 3 sessions sharing our market intelligence and knowledge of the Retail world. As a result, we will be involved in planning sessions with clients over January.

If you are reviewing your business during this time, let us know.

We also would like to remind you that our offices will be closed for trading from 3:00pm on Friday 21st December 2012 and will reopen on Monday 7th January 2013.

If you need urgent support during the break, it is best to email us at [email protected] or to call the support line 03 9514 9680.