Uncle Bills is a multi-award winning supplier that was established in the year 2002 and that provides comprehensive product solutions globally. As a successful importer and wholesaler company, Uncle Bills specializes in product development and sourcing, quality assurance and control, logistics, and in-house packaging design.

Uncle Bills


RetailCare was contracted with development of an automated synchronization between all the existing ERP of Uncle Bills and some of its retailers irrespective of the integration mode they had —API, FTP, batch CSV, and so on. The goal was to ensure that data can flow from one platform to another without any human intervention and boost operational efficiency and data accuracy positively.

Outcome of the Partnership

The synchronization between Uncle Bills and RetailCare, through the implementation of SyncCare, has dealt with the issues of multiple ERP systems and semi-automated processing. The tailor-made integration solution with full automation of sales orders to dispatch, stock on hand uploads and invoicing has helped not only in increasing operational efficiency and data accuracy but had also provided a solid platform for future growth and innovation.

Uncle Bills

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