Everybody is talking mobile websites

Everybody is talking mobile websites

1. Customers now spend most of their time on mobile devices―the Sensis survey found that 78 per cent of Aussies now own a smartphone, and 73 per cent use it to search the internet. Consumers expect a seamless digital experience on their mobile and if they don’t get it from your site, they will bounce to one of your competitors.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)―almost six in 10 businesses surveyed say that being on page one of a Google search is important. Therefore, SEO is crucial and Google now preferences sites optimised for mobile in its search results.

3. Social platforms are preferencing sites that load quickly―Facebook recently announced it will push websites with slow times to the back of queue on its platform. Their research shows that 40 per cent of users leave a site after a single click, frustrated by sites that take longer than three seconds to load.

4. There is no point advertising on mobile if your site isn’t up to scratch―around a third of SMBs now advertise online (32 per cent), with a similar number advertising on social networks (34 per cent). While digital advertising is a great way to reach your customers, there is no point advertising online if you are driving customers to a website that is not up to scratch.

5. It’s probably cheaper and easier than you think―the average SMB only spent $3,300 last year building and maintaining their website. And you can get a new, fully optimised website for even less than that. Given the impact of not upgrading, it’s an investment every business needs to make.

By Marion Gerritsen