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Wholesale software

A wholesale solution should easily allow customers’ transactions to be entered with credit limits, payment terms, quotes, sales orders and invoices. Price Lists for specific customers or customer groups also allow a wholesale solution to auto-apply the correct price. Together with advanced WMS, picking solutions and replenishments allow for total stock management.

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Hardware solution

Together with RetailCare’s hardware partners, we can provide a technology solution to optimise your operations and efficiencies. This can include Access Points for wireless hardware, Portable scanners for picking and receiving and robust computers dedicated for business use.

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Adjusting the software to suit your needs, rather than you adjusting to the software. Our experience will highlight many best practices and insights that we have delivered before. We take immense pride in finding solutions that save your business time.

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Managed IT Services & IT Support Desk

Once your software and hardware have been integrated, ensuring that they continue to operate as they should is the next hurdle to overcome. Luckily, our experienced team also provide ongoing, around-the-clock technical support, whether it be getting you back online after a system crash or upgrading your cybersecurity protection.

With this in mind, our IT support dedicated to wholesalers comes in two forms; our 24/7 help desk and managed services. These both operate based on being proactive rather than reactive, ensuring that we are alerted in advance of any potential issues so they can be rectified before they impact your operations. The goal is always to take the hassle away from managing your IT systems, allowing you to focus on growing your wholesale business.

Provide ongoing, around-the-clock technical support

24/7 help desk and managed services

Upgrading your cybersecurity protection

Hassle-free from managing your IT systems

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Consulting Services

Whether you are a new wholesaler or established yet ready to begin the transition to digitalised processes, our reputable consultants are here to help. We work closely with you to create a refined roadmap for implementing new technology, taking into consideration your current operations, budget and goals. Combining these requirements with our technical knowledge, we then provide strategic guidance on improving efficiency and maximising sales, all while future-proofing your business.

Pairing our clients with reliable solutions is our priority, which is why we are partnered with leading POS providers Erply, Square, LightSpeed and Vend, providing our clients with the very best software and hardware.

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