Managed Services


The most versatile POS System to run and grow a successful retail business.

Office 365

Microsoft Office is now on the cloud: get it everywhere – whether on PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone – and easily share with whomever you want!

You will get desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote and Access. You will always enjoy the latest version available.


Managed Hosting /dedicated Hosting

Like email, when setting anything up on the internet, ‘hosting’ is required for the information to sit on or activate. Whether it is a public website or an internal intranet, we are able to source and manage a solution to suit your needs. Servers are available at all levels depending on traffic, locations, space requirements, security needs and failsafe options. All our offerings are competitive.

Microsoft Exchange hosting

Mail hosting enables email to be identified by a user’s (or business’) own domain name, rather than a generic “hotmail”-type account. Hosting also allows for custom configurations and a larger number of accounts to be set up. Email is hosted either on your own server or on a remote web based server, depending on your requirements. In fact, there are a number of managed services on offer in this area. We are able to set up and coordinate the best process for your business to ensure that you get full and complete email reliability and back up. We are also able to assist in the mobile email market. Many retailers these days are travelling a lot of the time and require secure access to their emails whilst away from the office. There are many options here too, that we can help provide.