Social Media Packages

LinkedIn Management: Suited to B2B businesses or professionals looking to connect and do business with other businesses

Facebook Management: Most commonly used by B2C businesses, although some B2B’s also like to be active on Facebook too.

Facebook & Twitter Management: This is the most common option for B2C businesses as it gets them reach across both Facebook & Twitter networks.

Facebook, Twitter & Google : Another one commonly used by B2C to increase their reach and potentially assist in improving their SEO. I have also noted at the bottom of the pricing provided that B2B may choose to also use this option, but replace either Facebook or Twitter with LinkedIn. The prices would be the same (management of 3 networks).

Blogging: This is a great avenue for B2B’s and is incredibly underused by most businesses. We’ve seen huge success with increasing website traffic, increasing LinkedIn connections, and even some business leads come from blogs. In addition, blogging regularly can also assist in improving SEO by publishing new and relevant content to the client website.

Pinterest – This is a great social media platform to show images of your product and services and represent your business very visually. The interesting part of Pinterest is that the images can have links back to your website will aid in increasing traffic to your site and hopefully an outcome of conversation to sale.Pinterest is a once only setup with pictures and text and will continue to work for you.

Google – this is a social network setup by Google. It has struggled since it launched to get traction, but slowly over time they are making it better, but more importantly Google search rates the use of this social media platform very high so for successful search results of your business it is once of the backbone media platforms for you to be updating with content.

Our social media packages start at $99 for Facebook 1 month trial