Counter Intelligence Office

Counter Intelligence Point of sale software reveals the secrets that help retailers to maximise profits. Developed over two decades,Kudos Solutionshas continually consulted with successful retailers to ensure Kudos retail management andPOS softwareprovides the functionality they require to maximize sales and margins, and to contain costs.

Counter Intelligenceis being used from whole retail spectrum, from small to large, from fashion to giftware, sporting goods, toys, books, tourism, and food and beverage.Counter Intelligencehas been rigorously tested and proven to work brilliantly in all these environments.

Counter Intelligencecomprises two programs,Counter Intelligence POS(for use at point of sale) and Counter Intelligence Office(for use at back office or head office for retail management).

These programs may operate together in a number of business network models from a single PC or on separate PCs communicating locally, over networks, remotely over telephone lines, or via the Internet. This scalability means that Counter Intelligence provides a solution for every retail situation, be it a single store, a chain of stores, or a franchise operation.

Counter Intelligencedoes what it says — it effectively collects and collates intelligence on the components of your retail business, that is, your sales, stock, customers, and salespersons. Apply the intelligence wisely and you will be ready to implement strategies which will result in:

  • Increased turnover
  • Improved profitability
  • Reduced stock investment
  • Maximised stock efficiency
  • Identified shrinkage
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Improved salesperson performance
  • Increased job satisfaction

Counter Intelligence Office also features an Internet shop module callede-Retailer, which enables retailers to effortlessly create ashop that is online, but is managed just like another physcial shop.