Retail Store Support

Retailers have unique businesses that required fast and direct support to their teams, on the ground in the face of real time customers. When things go wrong at the point-of-sale, help needs to be close and quick to get things operating fast. RetailCare Store Support Services have deep singled minded support services, directed to ensure smooth operation of all technology in the retail bricks and mortar environment.

1st Level Support

Call one number to solve all your technology challenges in your store. Our team will do a fast diagnosis of the problem and will attempt to solve it on the spot. This challenge will then be escalated to the right party and warm handovers and cross team inclusion will also be operating to ensure all parties are in the know of the operating challenges that need resolving.

POS Care

When something goes wrong, pick up the phone and call one of our team members. They are trained in many selected POS software environments allowing them to aid you in getting back online quickly to ensure you don’t lose a sale.

Retail hours

If you are open, we are open. Australia is a big country with many different trading hours. Work with our team to ensure we know you’re open, then we will be open for your business.


We use sophisticated industry standard monitoring software and agents to allow us to know what is happening before your stores know there is an issue


We will work with your team to prepare and preempt any possible outages and build processes to ensure there is procedures for when this occurs.


RetailCare has been caring about Australian Retailers for 28 years providing real-time support


Our team is trained and experienced in retail hardware and software. They are not just experienced computer engineers they have all had retail experience therefore really showing compassion for what your team would be going through.


We have been working with industry standard partners to ensure we can delivery direct real services with highly sophisticated technology to allow us to be on top of your challenges.


We believe in strong foundations and RetailCare can build and support these to ensure a strong base.