Sanjeeb Adhikari

Backend Developer

Sanjeeb is a skilled Backend Developer at RetailCare, possessing a profound comprehension of database architecture and server-side programming. Displaying innate troubleshooting abilities, he consistently seeks avenues to enhance code and elevate system performance. Sanjeeb also fosters collaborative efforts with fellow developers to establish smooth user interactions upheld by resilient backend systems.

Fun Facts

Say hello to Sanjeeb, the trailblazing trekker! He’s on a lifelong quest to explore the world’s most breathtaking landscapes on foot. But here’s the twist – Sanjeeb is a firm believer in ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. He’s like a forest ninja, leaving nature exactly as he found it. With every step, he carries out any trash he finds, making the trails cleaner for everyone. So, if you ever hike alongside Sanjeeb, you’re in for an eco-friendly adventure with a steward of the great outdoors!