Smart Company Report

Smart Company Report

Australian retailers still not ready for internet: Experian report shows 53% don’t have online sales channel

This is the RetailCare 3rd Generation Integrated eCommerce response to the article as it relates to our offering.

The report has found five main reasons businesses aren’t investing in eCommerce:
1. Executive supports the move, but don’t take action – only 57% of retail marketers indicate managers believe online is a priority.
a. Fear of making an expensive wrong choice
b. Budget considerations for scope creep
c. Package fits into fixed budget

2. Lack of infrastructure, with only 45% saying CRM tools are important.
a. In built CRM with transporter to connect to existing CRM tools
b. Dispatch process and tracking built in
c. Human resource requirement limited with integrated system

3. A lack of digital marketing to attract customers, especially in SEO: 51% of retailers don’t have SEO in their marketing strategy for the next 12 months.
a. SEO ready site
b. Weekly budget for SEO

4. A wariness of social media: 54% don’t use Twitter, and 47% don’t have a Facebook page and don’t intend to make one.
a. In built social media with inbuilt moderation (using FB settings) to cover swearing, age etc.
b. Placement on product pages for LIKES

5. A lack of sophistication in actual retail storefronts, with only 21% using loyalty programs, only 45% using online vouchers and only 17% offering discount codes online. And, in a surprising revelation, only 22% use a “you may also like” feature on their websites.
a. POS loyalty program
b. Centralised CRM
c. Centralised STOCK
d. CI Web marketing tools


RetailCare is offering a fixed price, fully integrated system from Point of Sale to BackOffice and extending out to the web.  This is a professional system with full support.

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