Trading Terms

Trading Terms

We drive pretty strict trading terms and the article attached is a great example of why, in this day and age, even the predictable, iconic and established is not that predictable.

With two MEI’s at the helm of RetailCare, and a constant eye on the Markets, finance and business analysis, we are always watching to see how our customers and prospective customers are faring.

Our standard trading terms are:
Deposit – which covers all hardware expenses and purchases made on behalf of the customer
Balance – is the staging and preparation of the system for the client
Final – this is the invoice that covers off your installation, training, frieght and ongoing relationship with RetailCare.

Just as we want you to be in a successful business in these trying times for retail, so too, do you want us to be able to fulfil our obligations to you.

RetailCare is just as cautious, perhaps more so, than our customers and with us watching the market for you, you’re in safe hands.
Darrell Lea up for sale with 700 jobs at risk


Confectionery group Darrell Lea placed in voluntary administration

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