Ultima AI
Precise. All-in-one. Plug&Play

Ultima AI is the next-generation people counting/tracking sensor with advanced capabilities. It offers the highest accuracy and video processing resolution on the market and combines all the top solutions and state-of-the-art features into the thinnest people counting/tracking sensor in the world.

Unmatched Accuracy Up To 99.9%
More precision than ever

Our state-of-art 3D active stereo vision technology and AI-based target tracking allow for up to 99.9% counting accuracy with HD resolution of up to 1280 x 720 active stereo depth. It can count crowds up to millions in just 1 hour.

Designed to Empower Your Business

Ultima AI is the ultimate people counting/tracking sensor on the market. It brings you all the core solutions of bi-directional people counting, age & gender recognition, staff exclusion, queue measurement, group counting, adult/children differentiation, heatmap & zone counting, wifi analytics, face mask detection, social distancing, and live occupancy in one powerful sensor. Whatever your business goals, Ultima AI has it all.

Plug & Play
Pro workflow… Easy setup

Forget about heavy cabling works. Ultima AI boasts a built-in E-sim global connection to 3G, 4G, 5G, and Power-over-Ethernet. Plug & play everywhere in seconds.

Outstanding Wide Field of View
Advanced height sensing

With the flexibility to sense all the way up to 9m and an industry-leading wide coverage, fewer sensors are needed to cover the same area. Ultima AI covers up to 7.5m at a 5.1m height and up to 3.9m at 3.2m height without changing the lens, decreasing costs, and improving eco-footprint.

Night Vision
Any night. Any day

Powered by Active Stereo Vision Technology, Ultima AI redefines the limits of a people counting/tracking sensor vision. It is the only people counting/tracking sensor on the market to count in complete darkness with no ghost counting or miscounting.

Smart & adaptive

Ultima AI removes the human element out of the equation with its auto-calibration feature. The Sensor learns the environment and calibrates itself automatically.

Operational Capabilities
Durable in tough weather

We’ve designed Ultima AI to withstand tough weather conditions from -5° C to 45° C. It can count people indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in between.

Born Invisible
The thinnest in the world

Only 21.8mm thick, Ultima AI is the thinnest sensor in the world and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. With its range of modern black and white colors and flush mounting, Ultima AI allows for easy and fast installation on any ceiling without the operational hassle.

GDPR Compliance
No personal data recorded

Ultima AI is designed to be fully compliant with GDPR, privacy is assured with anonymous counting, and no faces or personal data is recorded.

Ultima AI Technical Details

Ultima AI

The original Ultima AI with all the core features & solutions.

Ultima AI 3G

Sends data over 3G. No PoE required.

Ultima AI Outdoor

Designed specifically for outdoor conditions.

Ultima AI Outdoor 3G

Sends data over 3G. Designed specifically for outdoor conditions. No PoE required.

Discover Ultima AI Solutions

All the solutions you need in one advanced sensor

People Counting

Customer traffic data can generate crucial insights to drive sales, improve conversion rates, and make informed marketing and spending decisions.

Queue Management

A short queue and waiting time at checkouts are vital factors to improve the customer experience and encourage spending.

Zone Counting and Heatmap

Heatmap in-store analytics and zone counting allow you to understand your visitors’ flow and enhance your customer journey.

Gender and Age Recognition

Knowing the age and gender profiles of your potential and existing customers is an important variable to provide better service according to their preferences.

VCARE Real-time Occupancy

Monitor your occupancy numbers in real-time and guarantee your customers and employees’ safety in line with capacity regulations.

Staff Exclusion

Exclude your staff count from your overall visitor traffic data with simple QR tags and get accurate visitor analytics and conversion rates.

Group Counting

Get accurate insights and conversion rate data by counting groups of people moving together.

Adult/Child Differentiation

Count the people with buying power and get accurate traffic data and conversion rates by differentiating between adults and children entering your location.

Mask Detection

Ultima AI detects and notifies you when people enter your location without wearing a face mask, making it easy to comply with COVID-19 requirements.

Social Distancing

Get notified when social distancing recommendations are not followed inside your facilities and take immediate action to ensure safety.

Bluetooth Low Energy Push Messages

Install V-Count’s SDK into your mobile business applications and notify customers in and around your locations about special offers.

Wifi Analytics

Get accurate data about your dwell time, retention rates, and bounce rates with wifi analytics.

Business Intelligence Platform
All The Data You Need In One Place

Unlock the power of your visitor data with countless features, actionable information, and engaging reports for smarter business decisions to increase revenue.

With over 200 KPIs, get a complete and tailored overview of your business to boost the efficiency of your physical locations.