Customer Service – With a Smile!

by rcadmin

Published On: April 30th, 2022

I always knew there was something about smiling at people that was important. I was told many years ago to even smile while I was talking on the phone and the other person would hear it – yes they would hear the smile!

So now there is a science to it that has been proven!


The Science of a Smile!



Emotions are highly contagious; they spread through our nonverbal cues. When we interact with people who are in a good mood, we subconsciously begin to copy their body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Once we mimic these physical behaviours, research shows we actually begin to feel the emotion ourselves. When we smile, our mood elevates. Scientists refer to this as the “facial feedback hypothesis.”


To test this theory, then-Yale psychologist Sigal Barsade, PhD, conducted a study in which she assigned a group of volunteers to a task and privately instructed one group member to act overtly positive. Barsade recorded her subjects and tracked the emotions of each individual before and after the session. She found that when the positive person entered the room, his jovial mood was picked up by the rest of the group almost instantly. Incredibly, the performance of each individual increased, and the group’s ability to achieve its goal improved.


Want a more successful team?


The next time you walk into a meeting, check your face. Something as simple as smiling could transform your business and your life




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