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People Counters

Visitor Analytics Solution to grow and boost the efficiency of your business by understanding customer foot traffic.

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Gain more accurate insight into the behaviours of your customers.

V-Count is a leading global manufacturer of people counter solutions.

V-Count offers tailored solutions for the specific industry to optimize operations, boost sales and provide a better customer experience.

Get accurate numbers of customers as they enter and exit your physical location in real-time.

The Ultima AI sensor anonymously detects and counts the people entering and exiting and monitors visitor flow in your location. The visitor data is then sent to the Business Intelligence Platform, where you can easily access and view the traffic data and analysis. Using the latest in AI and machine learning technologies, our people counting solution is fully GDPR compliant and provides up to 99.9% counting accuracy.

People Counter
People Counter

At RetailCare, we pair growing companies with tracking solutions tailored to their operational requirements and business model, allowing them to make better use of staff shift patterns and promotional areas while also ensuring that regulatory standards are met. Depending on the chosen Foot Traffic Counter, visitors can be tracked via either vision or heat technology, with real-time data being captured through both.

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Monitor your people traffic through advanced V-Count technology. 

V-Count is a leading global manufacturer of people counter solutions.

RetailCare is the local supplier/partner of V-Count global for the AUS/NZ region. People counting enables your business to analyze visitor traffic, improve the efficiency of your physical locations and make data-driven decisions to increase revenues.

Ultima AI

Ultima AI is the thinnest next-generation people counting and tracking sensor worldwide. Using the latest in AI and machine learning technologies, our people counting solution is fully GDPR compliant and provides up to 99.9% counting accuracy. With HD resolution of up to 1280 x 720 active stereo depth, it can count crowds up to millions in just 1 hour.

Benefits of People Counting

  • Get Real-Time Accurate Data: Obtain powerful insights by counting the number of people entering, exiting, and passing by your store in real time.

  • Measure Conversion Rates: Combine your traffic data with the transaction data to have a better understanding of how you can convert visitors to shoppers and measure your store’s true performance.
  • Improve Marketing Effectiveness: Measure the true impact of marketing campaigns and allocate your budget efficiently based on location performance. Understand your store’s peak shopping hours or days to plan discounts and special offers during high-traffic periods.
  • Optimize Resource Allocation: Utilize the visitor data to forecast traffic trends, peak hours and staffing levels. Assess your customer-to-staff ratio to schedule the right number of staff to meet customer needs and improve employee efficiency.
  • Evaluate Business Expansion Opportunities: Use your customers’ traffic insights to evaluate expansion plans such as increasing or decreasing the number of business locations.
  • Understand External Factors & Seasonality: Gain a better understanding of how external factors like the weather, seasonality, special events, construction or a new transportation route in the area can affect your business. Use this knowledge to create special offers and attract more customers to your store.

Features of People Counting

  • Real-time occupancy notifications
  • Active 3D Stereo Vision Technology
  • Night Vision
  • Up to 99.9% counting accuracy
  • Customizable automated reports
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Fast API integration with 3rd party software

People Counters offer up to 99.9% precision

The data produced from footfall trackers is hugely valuable, allowing you to understand your traffic, peak hours, marketing effectiveness and conversion rates.

More fantastic benefits include:

Demographic Analysis

Know your potential and existing customers’ demographic profiles and provide personalized and exceptional customer service according to your visitors’ preferences.

Queue Management

Say goodbye to long queues. Minimize the time your customers spend waiting in line at checkouts to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Zone Analytics

Optimize your customers’ path to purchase. Gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviour with zone retail analytics from the moment they enter your stores to increase sales.

Real-time Occupancy

Follow government social distancing restrictions on COVID-19 by anonymously tracking & managing incoming visitor traffic with digital screening. Monitor your occupancy levels in real-time to keep your customers and staff safe.

Accuracy rate

Industry-Leading Precision, A first-class technology with an Unmatched Accuracy of Up To 99.9% and HD resolution of up to 1280 x 720 active stereo depth. Ultima AI has the highest accuracy in occupancy measurement and it counts crowds of up to a million people in an hour.

Night Vision

Night Vision Powered by Active Stereo Vision Technology, we redefine the limits of sensor vision, making it the only active stereo sensor in the world to count in complete darkness, with no miscounting.

Advanced capabilities with exceptional accuracy.

With advanced capabilities, the Ultima AI tracking sensor offers exceptional accuracy and video processing resolution, combining all the state-of-the-art features of the best products across the globe. It is not only fully compliant with GDPR but also offers the following benefits:

  • Capable of counting crowds of up to millions in just 1 hour.

  • Features a built-in E-sim global connection to 3G, 4G, 5G, and Power-over-Ethernet.

  • Covers up to 7.5m at a 5.1m height and up to 3.9m at a 3.2m height without changing the lens.

  • Able to count in complete darkness with no ghost counting or miscounting.

  • Learns the environment and calibrates itself automatically, thanks to its auto-calibration feature.

  • Withstands tough weather conditions from -5°C to 45°C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the data analytics, be imported and exported to other systems?2022-09-16T15:30:32+10:00

Sales data can be imported into the V-Count dashboard manually or automatically via FTP or API.
You can export sales data through an API into third-party data management systems.

How are the sensors connected to the network?2022-06-15T09:28:25+10:00

A Power Over Ethernet (PoE) enabled network switch is recommended, but a PoE injector can be used if sites have a non PoE network switch.

Where are the sensors mounted/installed?2022-06-15T09:28:09+10:00

Store to have the device mounted at the recommended location accordingly to the site survey and design assistance completed by Retailcare

How many sensors are required per store?2022-06-15T09:27:37+10:00

The number of sensors required depends on the height of the ceiling, the width of the entrance, and the number of entrances required to be monitored

How can I expect to receive my tracking data?2022-09-16T15:21:18+10:00

Through the Business Intelligence Platform, you can expect to gain a complete understanding of your visitor traffic. Expect each employee to receive detailed automated email reports tailored according to their role and level.

Am I able to set a minimum and maximum occupancy threshold?2022-04-24T10:08:28+10:00
Can counters monitor demographics?2022-09-16T15:20:20+10:00

Yes, the Ultima AI does provide demographic analysis to identify a customer’s age and gender profiles to enable you to deliver a better service according to your visitor demographics.

Are the counters wireless?2022-09-16T15:17:56+10:00

No need to worry about the hassle of heavy cabling work. Not only are the counters sleek but the Ultima AI also boasts a built-in E-sim global connection to 3G, 4G, 5G, and Power-over-Ethernet.

How long does it take to install tracking systems?2022-04-24T10:07:53+10:00
How many counters will I need per shop?2022-04-24T10:07:42+10:00

To provide accurate real-time occupancy data of your store, we use counter devices at the entrance and exits of your store.

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