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Electronic shelf labels are electronic display devices that are primarily placed on the shelf’s edge to replace traditional paper price labels. Each electronic shelf label is linked to the merchant’s computer database via a wireless network and displays the most up-to-date price information for the items in real-time.
A new generation of ESLs allows retailers to perform essential tasks without installing servers. Use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cloud technologies to implement the most effective solutions. Utilize the revolutionary Cloud Electronic Shelf Labels System to update your business model.

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Whether you need a clamp, stand, ice pick, peg hook, triangle bracket, rails, or attachments, we have got you covered so you can easily label shelves in various environments.


Electronic shelf labels (ESL) offer various features that improve retail stores’ operational efficiency, reduce pricing errors, and lower labour costs by allowing remote updates of entire labelling systems from centralized servers. Some other advantages of ESLs are discussed below.

Features of Electronic shelf labels (ESL)


ESLs provide consumers with reliable information while managers can display control by product type or apply promotions remotely and update them in real-time. This allows complete price control at all times as prices are simultaneously sent to labels and to cashier stations, which are automatically updated.


Real-time display of promotions, percentage of discounts, or savings allows for margin control. Prices can be altered based on performance and customers can be directed to intriguing products that are in stock.


Consumers can quickly view details about the product they are considering purchasing such as price, and origin; they can also better distinguish promotional items. Labeling enhances the customer experience and saves time while looking for information or spotting discounts and deals.


ESLs can automate pricing and update thousands of labels. Stores with electronic shelf labels can benefit from dynamic pricing, which allows them to modify rates based on demand, online competition, inventory, and shelf life. This ensures price accuracy and the elimination of pricing discrepancies between the label and the register.


Navigation and LED lighting for order picking enables delivery order pickers to quickly locate their next item by generating a picking route with flashing lights.


Labels within the point of sale (POS) can be geolocated, making it easy for personnel to refill items. Electronic labeling also has the advantage of informing customers about the number of things in stock, even if they are not all directly available on shelves.


Customers can receive more product information via expanded display options.


By eliminating mundane tasks and enabling personnel to perform more meaningful work, time is saved and employee well-being is improved.


ESLs reduce waste by eliminating the need for paper labels. Also, increasingly long ESL product lifecycles are resulting in devices with ten- year lifespans.


ESLs provide a more modern, sleek design, which enhances the aesthetic of the store.


Electronic shelf labels serve as the fundamental loT device enabling communication with expanded retail digitalization technology, from just- walk-out completely autonomous stores to Al shelf monitoring.









Hangzhou ZKONG Network Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in wireless intelligent hardware and new retail IoT technology. By leveraging AI, big data, and cloud computing, ZKONG offers solutions for the IoT retail industry, with a focus on a cloud-based electronic shelf label system. These services help clients reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance their brand’s market appeal.

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No. 1 Cloud Electronic Shelf Label System in the World

ZKONG’s electronic shelf label system is the leading solution in the world, driving the digital transformation of new retail infrastructure. It allows for the seamless synchronization of information between physical and online stores, greatly improving management efficiency and cost control.
RetailCare is an accredited partner of Zkong’s Electronic shelf labels for Australia. RetailCare’s partnership with ZKONG’s ESLs can improve the efficiency and accuracy of retail operations by eliminating manual labelling and providing real- time pricing and product information updates. This technology streamlines processes, saves time, and enhances the shopping experience for customers.

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Why is ZKONG’s electronic shelf label solution important for your retail store?


Manually changing paper labels leads to lower efficiency and higher overall costs


Numerous stores or information that is out of sync with offline and online sources


Complicated manual replacement takes a lot of time and is prone to errors and mistakes.


Customer complaints result from the errors made in manual work.

Features of ZKONG electronic shelf label solution

3rd generation private BLE communication technology

  • The fastest transmission speed in the industry, with second-level refreshes
  • Exceptional interference immunity in complex deployment environments

  • Low power consumption, ≥ 10- year service life

  • Extremely secure and unbreakable, with guaranteed data security

Rich interaction interface

  • Support for more than 256 flashing light methods, each corresponding to a different function
  • NFC near field communication technology for online and offline integration
  • Bluetooth mobile phone direct connection, ESLs can be maintained offline
  • Customizable buttons for limitless functional expansion

Top-class wireless technology

  • Open range up to 25-30m (radius)
  • Wi-Fi dual-band, supporting 2.4G and 5G
  • Wiring-free installation and deployment
  • Intelligent algorithmic roaming and equalization

Fine management at the SKU level

  • Individual positioning technology
  • Intelligent picking and shopping navigation in conjunction with shop layout maps
  • In-depth integration with AI cameras to enable full-field inventory
  • Combined with smart shelves for big data collection and consumer preference analysis

Most comprehensive coverage of scenarios

  • IP67-rated dust and water- resistant, impact and drop resistant
  • -25℃~40℃ working environment, designed for the low temperature-fresh environment
  • 7.5mm slim and light
  • Customisable appearance to meet the individual needs of brands

Functions of

ZKONG’s electronic shelf label solution

Change Page Automatically

Clients only need to pre-configure the electronic shelf labels, which will automatically and regularly trigger the page- switching function and display the pre-programmed campaign content to meet the needs of clients for daily marketing activities and frequent price changes.


Installation of ZKONG large-size electronic shelf labels at entrances, central areas, and shelves will ensure effective traffic filling and boost brand advertising coverage in stores.

Change Stock Automatically

Data docking and dynamic fields are used to connect the user’s management system to the ZKONG cloud ESL system. This allows the system’s inventory data to be automatically synchronized with the inventory data displayed on the electronic shelf label screen.

Out-of-Stock Alert

When the number of products on the shelf falls below the preset limit, the electronic shelf label of the corresponding item will flash to alert the shop staff to perform timely replenishment.

Shopping Navigation

When users click on a product from the app, the app will provide the best route between the user’s current location and the located product, saving time and improving the customer’s shopping experience.

Product Positioning

The data interface links the online platform with third-party systems to give staff access to layout maps for picking routes to increase picking efficiency by reminding employees to recognize the LED flashing lights on electronic shelf labels.

Display management

Binding the ZKONG cloud ESLs with the shelf makes it easier to manage the associated items and shelves, enabling staff to complete the product display quickly, effectively, and uniformly, ensuring the neatness and attractiveness of the product display.

Consumer Interaction

Combine the ZKONG electronic shelf label with the APP to open up the online store. Consumers can browse online for product/event information, place orders, self-check, and share reviews by scanning the product QR code on the electronic shelf label.

Brand upgrading

The ZKONG cloud electronic shelf labels have a clear electronic sensory impact, the specifications are neat and consistent, and they have a significant visual impact. The inclusion of technology also improves the shop’s and brand’s overall perception.

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