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Gluttony is an arts venue hub, established as an Adelaide Fringe festival destination in 2011 and is located in Adelaide’s East End – a popup paradise in leafy Rymill

It’s a festival within a festival! Gluttony offers its patrons multiple dining precincts, bars, and fun activities, as well as performance spaces ranging from the large and lively to the intimate and atmospheric.

The experienced team includes operations, production, front-of-house, administration, marketing, functions, and bar staff.


The Entertainment Provider, Gluttony Organization management team required a solution to safely manage the occupancy and counting the patron of the events. As the events are held outdoors, they needed to find technologies that could withstand the exposed climate.


  • Outdoor weather resistant
  • Multiple entrances
  • Realtime data
  • Complete remote management
    Occupancy limit reached alerts


RetailCare is the complete Technology Solution Partner and Provider. Our value is to provide Innovative Technology Solutions to Empower Business Growth for
our clients.

The solution that was successful implementation includes the following technologies;

  • POP UP Wi-Fi
  • Datto Networking Solution
  • V-Count People Counting Solution
  • V-Care Realtime Occupancy

About the technology

The use of the Pop-up WiFi internet connection to service the venue allowed for remote outdoor connection. The technology uses a bonding internet connection setup with 3/4/5G Optus and Telstra service in tandem.

The Datto networking technology is a fully managed cloud-based network solution designed for enterprise network infrastructure.

All devices are managed via the Datto Cloud Portal and provide alert notifications in the event of networking or internet connectivity issues that may arise

V-Count is a leading global manufacturer of people counter solutions. RetailCare is the local supplier/partner of V-Count global for the AUS/NZ region.

The V-Count Ultima AI device is the next-generation sensor with innovative technologies. The 3D active stereo vision technology and AI-based target tracking
allow for up to 99.9% counting accuracy with HD resolution.

Real-time data from the V-Count solution is accessible via the online cloud Business Intelligence Platform (BIP) dashboard.