As I read in the documentation there is listing the events by category

Category attribute: Supply a single id, slug or comma-separated ids or slugs (e.g. “1,categories-slug,3”) to limit the search to events in any of these categories. You can also use negative numbers and slugs to exclude specific categories (e.g. -1,-exclude-categories,-3). If you mix inclusions and exclusions, all events with included categories AND without excluded categories will be shown. You can also use & to separate ids and slugs, in which case events must contain (or not contain) both categories to be shown.

So in this way you can do the following if we assume that the slug name of the category is : “sport”

[events_list scope=”tomorrow” category=”sport”]



if you want to display the calender with categirized events you can do the following if we assume the category_id is 2

[events_calendar long_events=1 full=1 country=”US” category=”2″ year=”2012″ month=”2″]