Why Erply is better than the others

How does it sound – you´ll be relaxing on a beautiful island and at the same time your business is being run efficiently and in style. Too good to be true? Well, that´s what Erply does. With us, you´ll get more than just a piece of front-end software, as we take full responsibility of running the back end. Erply has all the same functionality as our competitors. But we are better. We provide you with more than just retail software. We have the easiest and most powerful platform to manage your inventory and shops. We offer more functionality with zero maintenance cost. We´re fast and flexible. With Erply a company won´t get a certain software version, you´ll get Erply – the most powerful platform to manage your inventory and shops across a series of locations and devices.

Why you should choose Erply?

You´ll get a cloud-based back-end software and hardware, covered by an expert team 24/7. Our experts are veterans in building and running large retail software and hardware systems. Many other cloud-based retail software vendors just sell you their software and a virtual share of a cheap server. In many cases, the vendors have no idea of where your data is physically located or what devices is it running on. Erply provides outstanding SaaS quality according to the best practices of DevOps software development and operational maintenance methods. By choosing Erply, you get customizable retail software front-end and back-end with API and costs cuts, as you need much less people and equipment.

Erply´s story

Erply was founded in 2010 to give businesses the easiest and most powerful platform to manage their inventory and shops across a series of locations and devices. In the short seven years in the business, we´ve managed to do it. Erply has become a recognized leader in the POS marketplace through our hundreds of features, mobile apps, dozens of supported languages and API. We have successfully transformed the retail software landscape with our cloud-based system that´s supplanted legacy servers by way of true centralization, software update and phased out maintenance. But we won´t stop there. Erply’s customer base includes among many others also world leading retail shops, multi-chain outfits, ecommerce stores, and warehouses that take advantage of Erply’s leading-edge inventory management and POS. Erply currently employs 150 staff in seven global offices, two U.S. based and another five internationally across Europe, Australia, and North America.

What makes us the best

Operations should be streamlined.

Inventory Management

Why is our inventory management system seen as one of the best ones in the world? Because it helps you focus on the important parts. It has all the necessary features to make your everyday inventory tasks seamless. It helps you to keep track of your stock, helps to manage orders, sales and deliveries. Its main purpose is to avoid overstocking and prevent shortage of goods. Our software also collects data which tells the retailer which products to order and which to ignore. Without proper analysis companies will continue to take uninformed decisions. Our system helps you to make offers that meet the expectations of the customer. Simply put, sell what people want to buy! With Erply you´ll sell the key-products, which people also want to buy. You´ll sell more. And you´ll sell better. Of course we´ll provide you with omni-channel retail platform which means that you can trade in multiple locations, online and web sales channels at the same time. Receive orders from sales reps, retail stores, over the phone, e­mail, and online shops which are directed to our centralized cloud ­updates across any channel will be synced to one place. In other words, you´ll be able to interact with your customers where and whenever it’s best for the customer. Your business will be run smoothly because you have a well-functioning inventory management system.

Sales & Invoicing

In an increasingly competitive business environment it is important to invest in achieving better numbers on sale and friendlier customer service. Our main goal is to help you sell more. And sell better. Nowadays one of the key questions is – how to differentiate your company to sell more than your competitors? One of the answers is also by doing better campaigns. Our built in sales promotions module allows users to create custom sales campaigns based on predefined rules. It´s easy to create and implement. Define a time period, location, or customer group as parameters. It´s equipped with different promotional types from automatic application, to printing coupon for redemption on next purchase to encourage repeat buying. The advantage of our sales-oriented business software is better management of information between customer registry, warehouse and invoices. Also, it helps you to reduce labour costs. Effectiveness could be measured by cross-selling opportunities and by customer satisfaction resulting from better service.


Erply supports a wide range of payment providers, so that the customer would have a freedom to choose the most suitable one. In general ERPLY supports following two setups: 1) integrated payments whereby POS is integrated with your payment device and payment provider and 2) external payment device whereby the payment amount is manually entered into the external device. This method is suitable if you want to choose from wider range of payment providers. Erply processes credit card, cash and check payments and even creates, redeems, and tracks gift card payments. We realize that you’re putting your business into our hands. For this reason we go to great lengths to ensure that you data is safe, secure, and backed up 24/7 365. Customer data for all accounts are accessed via secure protocols such as HTTPS and SSH. Additionally, all passwords are encrypted on our servers and databases. We run a dedicated environment behind firewalls with constant monitoring. All software is updated regularly to ensure the latest security patches.

Product Management

Erply provides you with omni-channel retailing which enables a customer to use more than one sales channel in a single shopping transaction. For example, a customer can purchase online and pick up from the store, buy from the store and initiate an online return, etc. By using a Product Information Management (PIM) solution, all retail data, plus the back-office information, is distributed centrally to warehouse, e-commerce, webpage or product catalogues, franchises, partners, suppliers and vendors. And it is constantly up to date. It helps the employees to create a product catalogue which helps to differentiate. Differentiation therefore, involves the idea of creating a set of unique attributes that sets a company apart from its competitors. When incorporated as part of a wider competitive strategy, differentiation can help shoot the growth of a retail store to the next level. Retail stores can use innovative product offerings as a way of staying ahead of competition. The creation of new products may constitute a huge financial burden because of the research and development requirements, in addition to production and marketing costs. However, the benefits can be huge as customers strive to be among the first to acquire the new products. Erply makes it so much easier to manage the day to day business operations.


With Erply you can create purchase orders to be sent out to suppliers by email, or print out and send the hardcopy. It can be easily customized with your own company logo and font. It´s possible to customize text, and add your logo for that professional feel. It also enables you to track purchase order status to see what has. Setup purchase orders on the fly that can be customized with your own company logo and font, receive invoices, calculate net totals, warehouse values and mark-ups, send orders by emails, print labels and confirmations. Add suppliers to keep track of your vendors by contact information, contracts, and items purchased, all of which is connected to the PO system for instant ordering. Generate reports, create supplier price lists, and even export files to QuickBooks that contain account receivables, sales income, COGS and more. ERPLY also makes it easy to handle returns or void purchases, even offering printable receipts that feature barcodes, which can be scanned to increase the speed and efficiency of the return process. Through the point of sale system, customers can easily look up products by name or code and can also find products by scanning barcodes. Furthermore, they can select items from a complete inventory list and add them to any transaction. It all helps you to run your business more efficiently and at the same time sell more.

Point of Sale (POS)

Human touch still has significance.

Erply´s POS system helps your company to save money, boost your profits make more informed business decisions. We have a very intuitive and user-friendly POS interface that’s accessible on desktops and laptops, iPads, Android devices, mobile phones, Windows and iOS operating systems, and of course through point of sale devices. It brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a hand held device, giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost. All POS transaction data entered into the app will automatically be synchronized in real time with your ERPLY account, leaving all of your books and reports completely accurate, 100% of the time. It also enables you to create a checkout booth at any location, view store metrics from a single snapshot, share insights with store managers, edit product information and adjust it for discounts. From product checkout to gift card balance and emailed receipts, Erply has you covered.


Erply has most probably the best customer information portal in the world. It helps you to serve your customer better. You can instantly view a customer’s purchase history, store credit, reward points, notes, and contact details. The system is also able to record each customer’s sales history, allowing storeowners to keep track of frequent purchases to send customers recommendations, coupons, promotions, discounts, or other specials and take note.


Erply´s timeclock helps the company to keep track of employee scheduling and payroll processing. Setup employee clock-in/out times with an assigned ID and password based on store and time period. It´s possible to view the hours a staff member worked and the sales they’ve generated right on the POS dashboard. It also enables employees to see their schedule right in the system. Now it´s easy to manage payroll and commissions

Commission Information. Disbursement & Sales Quotas

With Erply, you have the ability to reward employees with commission at fixed percentage rates, set monthly sales goals, award additional commission if quotas are met, and specify the staff recipient who is to receive the commission at checkout.

Custom Barcodes & Shelf Tags

Through Erply’s printout customization tool you have the power to print custom barcode labels and shelf tags – attach business logos, images, descriptions, QR codes, create dimensions – particularly useful when attending tradeshows, workshops, or running a pop-up shop.

Gift Card Balance & Promotional

Service gift cards and view balances. Apply promotions at the touch of a button. Lookup and apply coupon codes on-site.

X/Z Reports

X/Z Reports provides you with a snapshot of your day’s transactions, your beginning and end of day’s sales, and the aggregate of your register count until they are reset. See payment types, open and close times, and the expected amounts in till.

E-mail Receipts

With Erply you can have all your customer email together in one place allowing for the sending of documents like receipts, quotes, or promotions. Additionally, request feedback from customers after purchase on product recommendations and/or improvement in management.

Mobile warehouse app

Imagine gaining the power and flexibility of mobility throughout your selling operations from mobile cashiers all the way to inventory management in one convenient easy to use application. This is it. The Warehouse Web App is a complementary application to ERPLY Back Office that helps to streamline the process of receiving product, shipping products and taking inventory of products. It is intended to be used by warehouse workers or shop employees on the warehouse or shop floor. The usual setup is a phone or tablet with barcode scanner connected and Warehouse App running.

Day Openings & Closings

Track cash register opening and closing amounts at any location, as well as cash in and out count.

Franchise & Chain Management

An open line of communication between franchisor and franchisee.

Retail CRM

Get to know your customers and sell more. Erply´s customer management as part of the Erply back-office suite is truly a CRM system on its own. You can record and manage detailed customer contact information including name, address, phone, email, business info, Twitter ID, Facebook name, and webpage URLs. Further, attach all sales invoices, payment, and order information to an account. Track banking information, billing statements, available credit, overdue penalties, balance reports, import/export existing client lists, and view customer reward points. The system is also able to create and implement loyalty programs for promotional incentives.

Franchise Management

Erply utilizes best-in-class technology to provide the tools you always wish existed to manage your franchise business. Erply is ideal for Franchises. We’ve enabled the franchisor/ franchisee partnership to benefit greatly from one another through the sharing of analytics from each franchisee location. Each owner is given a personal Erply account to manage their customer lists, price lists, production information and more. The franchisor, whenever they’d like, can login to their master account to view store figures, generate reports, and then share those reports with any one of their partners. This direct line of communication and transparency serves the interests of everyone by offering snapshots of performance figures, allowing for stores to align their sales strategy to that of corporate’s.

Promotions/Gift Cards/Coupons

Erply’s promotional campaigns allow users to set numerous conditions such as start and end dates, specific store locations or regions, restrictions, spending requirements, attach coupons, and designate preferred product groups and categories. Furthermore, the system has the ability to create, print, scan, and redeem coupons. For easy insight into the return on investment, detailed coupon reports allow you to see how many coupons were redeemed for which items and by which customers. Enter values for gift cards including purchase details, redemption information, expiration dates, and amounts. Assign coupon names, codes, conditions, provide descriptions, and attach to desired promotions.

Chain Management

Erply is perfect for running a large retail chain like clothing and apparel, footwear, jewelry, pet shops, or a network of service shops like beauty parlors, a fast food chain, or a service targeting millions of homes like a broadband and satellite TV provider. Erply provides tools to add your various locations, assign registers and store price lists, and connect the desired card payment terminal/reader you wish to utilize at your preferred counter. It´s easy to store employee information, track timeclock entries, reward staff with performance bonuses, assign roles and sales goals, and calculate your rate of pay and tax information. As you grow, ERPLY grows with you. In fact, we want you to expand. We love to accommodate chains and franchises. There are no limits to how much your business grows, as ERPLY can be specifically tailored for the 1-store mom-and-pop to the Fortune500 companies.

Reporting & Accounting

Accounting doesn´t have to be complicated. Erply makes it easy for it´s customers. Complex entries have been transformed into clear actions so now anyone can manage bookkeeping entries. In addition to simpler entries ERPLY accounting includes everything necessary for bookkeeping; from automatic bank import, convenient purchase and sale management, integration with point-of-sale and warehouse software, to reports that save money and time. ERPLY accounting simply covers your accounting needs. One of Erply’s widely praised tools is our 100 basic report templates on sales summaries, COGS, inventory levels, and stocktakings with filtering options like employees, products, date, time range, and customer. This allows for the gauging of slow versus busy times, in turn providing information for potential adjustments in inventory, staff, or promotions. The numerous available variations allow for segments based on suppliers, brands and groups. Pull up inventory transfers in a flash, take a closer look at your commission structure, access your PO snapshot and make a custom report if you’d like.

Centralized Reporting

Access any of your reports, from any of your locations, on any of your devices, at any time. No more outdated legacy systems that require manual transmission of data to your office on others schedules.

Dashboard Feature

Erply’s dashboard widget bar provides a quick look at daily figures and can be customized to present whatever information you desire, including but not limited to: last year’s numbers compared to this year’s, total revenue for the day, total units for the day, number of sales for the day, average daily transaction, current product inventory, returned items, and new tasks. It can be specified to provide a glance at various sales reports as well, like sales by employee, top daily sales, top monthly sales, and monthly sales summary.

Comparison Reports

Apply filters to gain insights on stats for specific time periods, making it easy to delineate busy times by location, as well as stores that may need more promotion in their area, locations, employee attendance, and sales by attendant.

Erply Books

Erply Books is a professional, in-house accounting software that syncs all transactions from the POS: sales, purchase invoices, payments, customers, suppliers, inventory registrations, writeoffs and transfers. It can be used with or without Erply POS and is suited for simple organizations or 100-store retail chains and includes the following main features:

  • Erply integration
  • Professional account mapping – hierarchical rules for syncing different transactions into correct accounts
  • All necessary accounting features from purchase invoices to a general ledger to VAT/Sales tax reports
  • Report generator: create SQL queries without requiring coding knowledge
  • PDF to Invoice parser: upload PDF purchase invoices and Erply Books can read the information directly
  • Bank import: upload your bank statement and Erply Books will match payments with invoices and correct the accounts
  • Artificial intelligence: Erply Books is not just accounting software but rapidly growing into artificially intelligent accounting software

Onboarding & Implementation

Making the transition as smooth as possible.


Erply evaluates your business needs to determine which of our scalable solutions will benefit you the greatest in improving your operations at the same time meeting your budget requirements. We realize that no two businesses are the same, each having different demands, so we provide you with a straightforward overview of the key components that you demand most and recommend those that can provide value as add-ons.


Once you’re up and running with the Erply solution, we’re all in. Our expert technicians not only advise, but are available to you on-site to assist in migrating from a legacy system by exporting your data to our cloud servers, integrate into an existing software or help you determine any customization options you can take advantage of through our API. Erply is and will always remain platform agnostic.


With our progressive web-based suite, you’ll never have to worry about IT costs and maintenance again. Our features also have the unique advantage of being able to work offline and simply update transactions that have occurred in the interim once you reconnect to the internet. A centralized system ensures that you’ll be able to retrieve your customer and product information and reports wherever you may be. The cloud is here to stay.


Erply offers three-tiered hosting options ranging from standard to enterprise to a dedicated private cloud depending on your data and security needs. Rest assured though that your information will always be secure and backed up. We also provide live 24/7 phone and email support in addition to detailed user guides and tutorial videos. We are always here to make sure your experience runs as smooth as possible.


Erply’s technical support team is responsible for the training and onboarding of every new customer. They go through basic system requirements, creation of users, groups and employees, transition from any present infrastructure, product import and creation, customer tracking and point of sale operations.

Erply API

A gateway to infinite possibilities.

Erply’s API opens a whole wide range of possibilities to integrate into ecommerce shops and connect to any existing software. It´s an easy way to build CRM or sales applications, web shops, product catalogues, POS clients, reporting tools, production management systems etc. — using a solid, scalable and full-featured cloud based inventory back-end. The API enables querying customer registry, making a sale, registering a payment, browsing inventory, querying and applying price lists, creating events in the calendar, using the document repository and much, much more.

Add our shopping cart or build your own solution. Erply also provides a standard development kit, SDK, to plugin developers for easy database access – a sample use case for inventory management being the stocktaking of multiple warehouses using portable barcode scanners, or a customer support ticket system that logs requests over the phone and responds with SMS alerts when a ticket status has changed.

Hardware Integration

There are a number of compatible hardware devices available for integration with Erply Retail software and POS. We are UPOS compatible, supporting devices like IBM, Toshiba, Star, Epson, and Verifone. Connect card readers like MagTek, ID Tech, Ingenico, Atos, and Paypal. EPSON and Star printers are supported as well as Legacy Com and LPT. Erply connects with any cash drawer including Star, APG, Partnertech, and MSCF-

Customer displays such as Star, Jarltech, or Birch can be used and any USB, COM, or LPT display pole. Choose from scales from Mettler Toledo Viva, Avery Berkel FX, or Dibal. We recommend scanners from Honeywell for PC operating systems, and Socket Mobile and Motorola for the iPad, although most USB and Bluetooth devices in keyboard mode will also work. Lastly, all-in-one bundles are extremely convenient and versatile like Star’s mPOP which combines a cash drawer and printer peripheral.


EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) cards help improve security against fraud compared to the standard magnetic strip cards. The chips located on these cards are embedded microprocessors. As of last year, US merchants were informed that they would be responsible for fraudulent activity resulting from the use of the strip cards if they did not switch over to EMV. Erply’s list of compatible hardware devices include both magnetic strip and chip readers manufactured by Verifone.

E-Commerce Integration

Multi-channel in the 21st century.

Erply helps you to sell more. It is built with multi-channel sales in mind. Erply as a multi-channel ecommerce platform enables merchants to start selling both online and offline. Product management and inventory replenishment is done in one place. Receive orders from sales representatives, physical stores, phone sales, email, ecommerce channels to one centralized inventory management system. Seamlessly keep inventory in sync across all channels. Erply is committed to bridge the gap between the e-commerce and retail landscapes by way of synchronous data communication, mobile compatibility, automated inventory replenishment, customer transaction history, and offline capabilities. No other platform matches our depth and reach in the B2B and B2C sectors. We integrate into virtually every online web presence such as Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. Our personal shopping cart can be added to websites, blogs, or even social media channels. Through our API, businesses can develop their own applications and workflows or simply connect their website to any third party application. Whether building custom sales request, an online store, or even a helpdesk center Erply will assist you along the whole way.