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Managed IT Services

Working closely with clients to implement cost-effective, efficient solutions, RetailCare takes a strategic approach to Managed IT Services, helping businesses to future-proof their operations.

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Leading the way to your digital transformation.

As the digital age continues to evolve, the ability to adapt to the modern way of working is essential for business success. Our tailored Managed IT Services are designed to take the hassle out of your technical operations, allowing you to focus on driving company growth. Unified systems, secure data storage and efficient threat management will all be simplified, improving cost, resilience and efficiency.

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Digital Transformation

Streamlining your IT operations is our main priority.

Our highly experienced team have built an exceptional reputation for their ability to implement refined end-to-end managed IT solutions. While every client will be paired with a custom solution, the following process will always be used to maximise results:



Every business has unique requirements, which is why a dedicated specialist will spend time understanding the nature of your business and how you operate.

Customize Solution


Combining our technical knowledge with your specifications, we will determine the best-fitting solutions to streamline your processes and offer long-term value.



Your customised solution will mean you no longer have to self-manage your systems. We will take the weight off and help you make the most out of your IT investments.

Free up valuable time and money that can be pumped into your business growth.

From improving your customer experience to allowing better management of IT systems, kickstarting your digital transformation comes alongside a wealth of benefits. It is our mission to ensure that you can make the most out of your systems by keeping them working as they should be. RetailCare will:

  • Help to future-proof your business by implementing scalable solutions.
  • Allow arising issues to be highlighted and rectified before they cause downtime.
  • Come alongside comprehensive support from industry experts, supporting your business growth.
  • Provide access to the latest technology to allow your business to continue innovating.
  • Enable your IT operations to be scaled up or down depending on your current needs.

Getting started on your digital transformation has never been easier.

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Modern IT solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Depending on the industry, scale and needs of your business, we will recommend a scalable solution capable of supporting your growth. We may advise on just one platform in some instances, whereas other companies may benefit from a more comprehensive solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help to improve the security of my IT?2022-04-24T10:48:35+10:00

Absolutely, and educate you as to the reasons why and provide regular insights into the security performance.

How do Managed IT Services help to reduce downtime?2022-09-16T14:53:24+10:00

A very good Managed IT service is proactive rather than reactive. We can apply software that alerts us for computers that require patches or security updates… and so much more.

How much do Managed IT Services cost?2022-09-16T15:11:02+10:00

Managed IT costs do vary from the number of sites or devices to support. Contact Us to fund out more.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact for all communications?2022-04-24T10:47:51+10:00

Yes you will have an account manager, but we want you to get to know the whole team as well.

Are Managed IT Services different from outsourcing?2022-09-16T15:08:21+10:00

There are some similarities, Managed IT allows you to not worry about the IT part of your business and allows you to concentrate on what you do best.

What sized businesses would benefit from Managed IT?2022-04-24T10:47:24+10:00

Any business can benefit from Managed IT.

Our experts have 30+ years of experience.

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