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Vend by Lightspeed (POS)

Promoting themselves as one of the easiest-to-use POS software globally, Vend focuses solely on the retail industry, helping thriving businesses optimise their operations and effortlessly grow their brand.

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Free up valuable time and focus on growing your brand.

Whether you own a physical store, e-commerce site or both, Vend has designed refined solutions that make it as straightforward as possible to boost sales, increase traffic and build relationships with customers. Their goal is to speed up every process, from actioning transactions to managing stock, freeing up valuable time that can be pumped into growing your business. To date, they have collaborated with a wealth of leading brands from Disney and Ecco to Sennheiser, helping them to simplify their operations.

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Easy-to-use software using user-friendly, customised interfaces.

Vend has successfully created intuitive POS software that is a breeze to train your staff, whether it be the store manager or cashier. The clear, customisable dashboard will allow them to begin generating sales, adding discounts, putting items on layaway, authorising returns and more after just one training session. While in use, Vend software will also track all cash movements, ensuring that errors and discrepancies are minimised.

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Take the hassle out of streamlining your retail operations.

Should you have an issue with your software or hardware, you will always have the peace of mind of 24/7 support, ensuring that your retail business can continue to operate as it should.

  • All solutions by Vend are compatible with iPad, Mac and PC and sync with the cloud for remote access.
  • Systems will continue to operate offline, and data will automatically sync when the internet returns.
  • Receipts can be fully customised with your branding, website, notes, and discounts.
  • Each staff member has their own account, allowing you to track the number of sales.
  • As software accepts multiple parties, your customer will have the freedom to split payments.
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Sought-after features created exclusively for busy retailers.

With the capabilities to work alongside not only Vend hardware but also your existing solutions, this advanced POS software is guaranteed to boost your efficiency, allowing you to dedicate more time to building customer relationships and developing new growth plans. The features you will be able to take full advantage of include:

Seamless inventory management

Simplifying your inventory management couldn’t be easier. Through Vend, stock can be controlled across multiple stores, products can be transferred, and orders can be automatically filled when you run low.

Reliable reporting and insights

Insights into your sales are always hugely valuable, which is why Vend allows you to drill down your data and build your own reports to begin understanding your customers and their needs better.

Payments integrated with leading providers

It takes a matter of minutes to sync your card reader with Vend, enabling quicker transactions and allowing you to accept payments via all major credit and debit card providers, including contactless.

Loyalty-driven customer management

Begin building customer profiles with ease using Vend, storing their purchase history, loyalty schemes and account balance. You will also have the functionality to offer gift cards and store credit.

Fully compliant data security

Annual penetration tests, system monitoring, logging and alerting are just some of the many ways that Vend ensures that your customer data remains secure. Background checks are also completed on all employees.

Mobile scanner functionality

Vend has created an innovative barcode scanner function, perfect for counting inventory using an iOS or Android device; this data can then be edited, saved, and then sent to your integrated business tools.

We have over 30 years of experience working closely with retailers.

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