Vend POS


We are Vend POS (Point Of Sale) Experts who can help you configure, migrate and integrate your system.

Vend Features


Point of Sale – An incredibly simple, yet powerful point of sale platform that is accessible from anywhere at any time!

Inventory Management – Manage inventory across multiple stores. Easily add & edit items, create purchase orders & simplify stock transfer.

Vend E-Commerce – Create a beautiful online store that manages & adjusts your inventory, customer profiles & sales insights in one place.

Payments – Vend works with many global merchants, so you can choose the best way to accept payments in your store.

Customers – You can see who your best customers are and keep them coming back with an integrated loyalty program.

Hardware – We can recommend and provide all of the necessary hardware to optimise your system workflows with Vend.

Reporting – Get live sales performance reporting on your sales from anywhere, at any time on a tablet or computer.

Integrations – Vend integrates with many platforms that streamline the way you do business. Integrate accounting, online stores and more.



A great point of sale encompasses simple transactions, retrieval of sales data, powerful reporting and simplified data sharing to accounting platforms like Xero. Vend POS provides inventory, point of sale transactions and customer loyalty software for iPad, Mac and PC. It allows you to easily manage and scale your business from one store to many by using a cloud platform to integrate all of your stores in to one powerful reporting system.


Moving from an existing point of sale system to a new one can be complicated. With the help of Vend POS, our experts can assist in moving your existing data to the cloud. We can help you extract your data and move it to Vend POS. Most importantly you can upgrade to Vend with minimal to no business downtime. If you are running multiple stores in different locations, with a click of a button you can manage these stores from anywhere with an internet connection. It provides flexibility and scalability without distribution of your business systems.

We can help

If you’d like Vend POS as a solution to your current point of sale system and love the sound of being able to access your sales data and operate from anywhere in the world, get in contact with our experts at Tech Help Direct. We can assist you with the transition across to Vend POS !