8 Hacks That Will Help Your Retail Store Grow

by rcadmin

Published On: April 30th, 2022

1. People are number one


Treat your people (customers & staff) as number one in your value chain. Companies need to train their staff on how to help the customer. In the same way, companies need to educate their customers about how to interact with your products and how to use them. No people means no business!


2. Open ore eCommerce stores


Like retail stores, opening lots of eCommerce stores increases revenue and distribution. This growth model needs to apply to your online presence … open more ecommerce stores and market to all your markets appropriately.


3. Know your numbers


Increase your understanding of your business by building dashboards across the company. Measure everything – bricks & mortar stores, people, inventory and online.


4. Be transparent


Transparency is essential in business. Share everything with your customers including where stock is made, what it is made of,  how it is made, and why it is made. Allow your customer to really buy into your ethos and reason for being. Allow for your customers to access their history and complete transactions at any time online.


5. Technology sets you apart


Retail companies in the future will be completely underpinned by technology across all elements of their operations. Ideally, these services should be outsourced to help with cost reduction.


6. Centralize your distribution


Centralised distribution is a retailing business model that will help you to stay competitive with Amazon and other large online consolidators.


7. Customer service counts


Customer service is a winning formula that creates longevity by fostering customer loyalty. The end of disconnect with the customer is here and complete immersion and personalized awareness will be necessary.


8. Communicate with your customer in the way that they prefer to connect with you


Different customers prefer to contact you in different ways. Some prefer to call, others prefer email, some prefer live chat, and others prefer to contact you via social media. It is vital to have multiple streams through which your customers to contact you. Whichever one your customer chooses, reply to them through that stream.




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